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Title Artist Year Listened
Aadara Charika Amitha Wedisinghe Unknown 2617 Times
Aadara Duruthu Mahe Anasly Malewana Unknown 2666 Times
Aadara Hangum Amaradewa (Visharada Pandith ) Unknown 2693 Times
Aadara Lowe Jaya Sri Unknown 2656 Times
Aadara Nadiya Galaa Rukamani Devi Unknown 2640 Times
Aadara Nilambare Chandana Liyanarachchi Unknown 2691 Times
Aadara Paana Sudaa Rukamani Devi Unknown 2620 Times
Aadara Priya lanune Feilix Anton Unknown 2619 Times
Aadara Wanthiye M S Fernando Unknown 2754 Times
Aadarawanthayeki Angeline Gunatilake Unknown 2641 Times
Aadarayayi karuaaavayi Rukamani Devi Unknown 2638 Times
Aadaraye Ulpatha Bodu Gee Unknown 2703 Times
Aadaraye Ulpatha Victor Rathnayaka Unknown 2629 Times
Aadarayen ma Abewardena Balasooriya - (with Sunflower) Unknown 2840 Times
Aadarayen Wenweela Angeline Gunatilake Unknown 2646 Times
Aadare Christoper Paul Unknown 2628 Times
Aadare Athula Adhikari Unknown 2634 Times
Aadare Eai Lama Gee Unknown 2686 Times
Aadare Hithenawaan Angeline Gunatilake Unknown 2627 Times
Aadare kurutu ga Kasun Kalhara Unknown 2650 Times

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