All the Mp3 from W.D. Ariyasingha

Title Album Year Listened
Epida mara yali epidaa Unknown Unknown 2585 Times
Heensarra oba awa - Unknown Unknown 2581 Times
kdera suridunaa - Unknown Unknown 2581 Times
Kolom thota nata mahalu wee Unknown Unknown 2584 Times
Kolun tota natha- Unknown Unknown 2583 Times
Maa gee adaa Unknown Unknown 2578 Times
Mala pabalu wal- Unknown Unknown 2575 Times
Mhawassaka pera Unknown Unknown 2573 Times
Paloswaka sada Unknown Unknown 2582 Times
Pemwatunaa Unknown Unknown 2577 Times
poda kusum pawan sala Unknown Unknown 2574 Times
Raa hadaa Unknown Unknown 2584 Times
Taru arundatee Unknown Unknown 2579 Times
Wikasita peam Unknown Unknown 2575 Times
Obatamai Mage Adare Unknown 2012 2575 Times

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